SONY RM-X131 Remote Control

The SONY RM-X131 remote control is only one of the many SONY remotes in our current inventory of over 300,000 remote controls. We offer only brand new original and fully compatible remotes.


  30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

"Just a note to say THANKS for your super fast shipping! I placed my order on Monday morning, and the remote was in my mailbox on Wednesday morning. Two batteries later, I was back in business! You guys are the best!"

Michael F.
Duncan, OK

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RM-SEP30, RM-YD034, RM-Y168, RMT-D180A, RMT-V294, RMT-D144A, RM-YD042, RM-DV8000, RM-AAL031, RM-SCD30, RM-PP860, RM-768, RM-US106, RM-Y137, RM-YD033, RM-S375X, RM-AMU051, RM-Y116W, RMT-CCD555A, RM-X137, RM-U303, RMT-D129A, RM-YD013, RM-713, RM-DC345, RM-730, RR-Y809, RMT-D100U, RMT-D173A, RM-744, RMT-D183, RM-YD002, RM-Y195, RM-AMU006, RM-SR200, RM-Y131, RM-YD025W, RM-Y129, RM-928Y, RM-SCP33, RM-MDX10, RM-AAP005, RM-Y1105, RM-SV215D, RMT-V201, RM-SCR50, RM-AAU014, RM-Y135, RM-SX700, RM-X114, RM-782, RM-Y165, RM-SC31, RM-ADP057, RM-AAU001, RMT-D257A, RM-ADP013, RMT-V402C, RM-AAU017, RM-YD029, RM-AAP040, RM-SG7B, RM-S200L, RM-AAP013, RMT-D121A, RM-747, RMT-D137A, RM-S171B, RM-902, RMT-D151A, RMT-V501E, RM-S61, RM-PG411, RM-SG9AV, RMT-B108A, RM-AAL019, RM-755, RM-AAL022, RM-793, RMT-V231A, RMT-V266A, RM-AAU061, RM-763, RMT-V129, RM-Y182, RM-Y113, RMT-V158C, RM-Y105, RM-YD009, RM-AAU023, RMT-D205A, RMT-D115E, RM-X58, RM-AAU055, RM-PG412, RM-ADP053, RM-SL1, RM-Y113A, RMT-D301, RM-Y109, RM-SC100P, RM-SRB5, RM-LJ304, RM-AAP008, RMT-D140A, RM-Y112, RM-ADU001, RM-Y114, RM-AAL016, RM-AAL003, RM-AAL012, RM-X81RF, RMT-D148A, RM-736, RM-U306B, RM-ADP018, RM-AAU029, RM-U55, RM-YD044, RMT-V501C, RM-X123, RM-SMD1, RM-927Y, RM-YD035, RM-AAU016, RM-PP411, RM-ANU007, RM-SX800, RMT-CD50A, RM-SP350, RM-ADP059, RM-YD007, RM-758, RM-W151, RM-GD003, RM-Y815, RM-X153, RM-U800, RM-X115, RM-Y116, RM-PP412, RM-YD026, RM-YD016, RM-ANP003, RM-Y183, RM-S455, RM-U265, RM-AAU071, RM-Y908, RM-SP500, RM-AAU021, RMT-B117A, RM-YD038, RM-YA004, RMT-D168A, RM-YD036, RM-Y912, RMT-D108E, RM-U306A, RM-Y156, RM-SR250, RM-YD027, RM-ADP002, RM-Y902, RM-FW002, RM-DX30, RMT-C555, RM-AAU027, RMT-D163A, RM-PP413, RM-AAU106, RMT-V141N, RM-X131, RM-SCEX100, RM-SGS3, RM-Y980, RM-Y115, RM-AS1IP, RM-SC505, RM-S515, RMT-V141D, RM-ADP011, RM-Y192, RM-Y155, RM-SX1, RMT-C305AD, RMT-B109A, RM-SS880, RM-SEP707, RM-Y174, RM-Y173W, RM-SG20, RM-SP900, RM-P352, RMT-C550, RM-YD061, RMT-D175P, RM-708, RM-X118, RMT-D254A, RM-ADU008, RM-X110, RMT-C1IP-W, RM-11R101, RM-YD006, RM-LJ305, RM-SG10AV1, RMT-D175A, RM-Y169, RMT-B110A, RMT-D108A, RM-LG112, RM-YD065, RMT-D150A, RMT-D244A, RM-Y808, RMT-B113A, RM-SC100F, RM-SS250, RM-YA001, RM-752, RMT-844, RM-SM90, RMT-V501B, RMT-CA50, RM-ED005, RM-YD053, RM-P501, RM-US105A, RMT-CDVD57A, RMT-D138A, RM-Y132, RM-Y118M, RM-Y191, RMT-D195, RM-YA003, RM-SE2AV, RMT-V306, RM-U302, RM-S300L, RM-781, RMT-D154A, RM-SS450, RM-Y101, RM-Y906, RM-765, RM-Y172B, RM-SCQ1, RM-Y913, RM-PG413, RM-AMU086, RM-Y1109, RMT-D229A, RMT-D105A, RM-ANU010, RM-Y188, RM-Y1003, RM-Y812, RM-Y125M, RM-YD057, RM-Y915, RM-AAP016, RM-Y170, RMT-V229, RM-AMU003, RM-U185, RMT-CS2IPA, RM-Y1001, RMT-V501A, RMT-D241A, RM-SCR32, RM-AAU072, RM-DX300, RM-ANP009, RM-P363, RM-Y146, RM-D54M, RM-SC55, RMT-D185A, RM-SP320, RM-745, RM-923Y, RMT-D100E, RM-SG10, RM-SCL1, RM-YD028, RM-ADU007, RM-YD005, RM-719, RM-SC50, RMT-D109A, RM-333, RM-AAU036, RMT-D179A, RMT-D162P, RMT-D255A, RM-Y1219, RM-SC1, RM-X45, RM-Y903, RM-YA009, RM-AAL011, RM-AAE001, RM-734, RM-FW001, RM-X141A, RM-SF50, RM-Y114A, RMTV121A, RM-VL610A, RMT-V402B, RMT-D187A, RMT-B100A, RM-SR370, RMT-D143A, RM-980, RM-ADP034, RMT-B104A, RM-X152, RMT-V161A, RM-Y201, RM-Y194, RM-Y119, RM-SR150, RM-AAU056, RM-AAP061, RM-AAL001, RMT-C305A, RM-AMU012, RM-718, RM-YA005, RMT-V501, RM-AA016, RM-ANU001, RM-Y1103, RM-S555, RM-YD063, RMT-D243A, RMT-B102A, RMT-DV20, RM-SMG5AV, RM-AAP012, RM-717, RMT-CS47A, RM-SR707, RM-YD040, RM-772, RM-Y196, RMT-D175C, RM-SR210, RM-YD031, RMT-D10, RM-Y144, RM-Y181, RM-U263, RM-ANU009, RM-X125, RM-YD069, RM-925J, RMT-D15, RMT-CYN7A, RM-YD052, RM-Y104, RM-Y186, RM-AMU008, RM-AMU054, RM-AAU104, RM-AAU113, RMT-V501F, RM-U600, RM-YD043, RM-S375, RM-AAP017, RM-AAU024, RM-US104, RM-ASP002, RM-731, RM-AAU020, RMT-D165A, RM-YD003, BNG-MR1, RM-Y185, RM-X89, RM-SG5, RMT-B107A, RM-AAU002, RM-YD001, RM-Y184, RM-X111, RM-AAU120, RMT-V141B, RM-SC5B, RM-D37M, RM-AAP026, RM-Y127, RM-SC30, RMT-V501D, RM-Y112A, RM-Y167, RM-X91, RM-AAU013, RM-917Y, RM-739, RM-Y1107, RM-S55, RM-U421, RMT-C565, RM-ADU003, RM-YD041, RM-743, RM-SR230, RM-ADU078, RM-SS990, RMT-D114A, RM-780, RM-D11M, RM-D15M, RM-SR100B, RMT-V402, RMT-D152E, RMT-D218A, RM-ED002, RM-SF250AV, RM-783, RMT-D111A, RM-735, RM-Y110, RMT-CS32A, RM-YD012, RM-Y822, RMT-D171A, RMT-V184A, RM-H501, RM-720, RM-762, RM-766, RMT-CY3A, RM-X154, RM-AAU073, RM-D33M, RM-AAU038, RM-ADP030, RM-YD055, RM-SP50, RMT-D224A, RM-Y804, RM-Y172, RM-AAU005, RM-Y914, RM-ANP037, RM-Y187, RM-AAU004, RM-Y117, RMT-B103A, RM-R50, RMT-D142A, RM-PJ1292, RM-AAP025, RM-PJM17, RMT-D181A, RM-Y171, RM-AAL035, RMT-D300, RM-791, RM-ADP028, RMT-D176A, RM-Y905, RM-Y153, RMT-B112A, RMT-D203A, RM-Y1104, RM-AAP043, RMT-V505, RM-Y122, RM-SR231, RM-Y121, RMT-D153A, RM-YD018, RM-YD059, RM-764, RM-Y136A, RM-Y153W, RM-ADU007A, RM-Y909, RM-D49M, RM-SEP50, RMT-D147A, RMT-D182A, RM-980C, RM-756, RM-X112, RMT-D145A, RM-SS900, RMT-C1IP-B, RMT-B105A, RMT-D113, RM-YD010, RM-729A, RM-Y145, RM-Y1000, RM-TP504, RM-762A, RM-Y102, RM-AAP004, RM-U301, RMT-D159, RM-X118A, RM-PJM12, RM-ADP008, RM-AAU006, RMT-D152A, RM-AMU004, RM-754, RM-ADP010, RM-YD017, RM-Y111, RM-Y156W, RM-DX400, RM-YD021, RM-729, RM-AAU022, RM-S509, RM-U665, RMT-D186A, RM-AMU007, RM-ADU101, RMT-B106A, RM-AAL034, RM-YD014, RM-YA006, RMT-D189A, RM-AAU039, RM-Y907, RM-757, RMT-D155A, RM-SCP300, RM-AAP051, RMT-B101A, RM-AMU002, RMT-D149A, RM-ADU005.

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